The Test

 ‘A few more proverbs from the book of CS’

 - With cases of repeated extreme violence, sexual assault and child abuse, castrate (literally) the offenders not the victims. 

 - Sue or initiate court proceedings against lawyers when you are not satisfied with an outcome.. as they suggest you do.
 - Provide free legal aide ( a legal requirement) where necessary to those of little means, but equally if they are found guilty send them the bill or account ( or add to their sentence or fine ).

 - To deal  with many of life's serious issues both intervention and action are required. The decision to not intervene and act would logically retain the status quo. Wrong! Do nothing and things will get worse.

 - Acknowledge good and there will be more good. Acknowledge evil and there will be more evil ... for the press!

 - If on being introduced to a person you spit in their face, they will  more than likely refuse your request for a ten dollar loan.

 - The first time someone lies to you it may be to ‘protect’ you from the truth, the second time will raise your suspicions and the third declares them to be a ‘habitual liar’ to whom the truth is as they decide!

 - A variation of the truth is a lie.

 - To have someone reward you for doing very little is not an 

 - To demonstrate humility is enormously more difficult than to accept praise.

 - When someone praises you they are often  seeking a share of what they feel you may accomplish . When they criticise you it is more often because they are concerned at what you have already achieved.  

 - If a man can trust himself then he can trust others. If he can’t trust himself he won’t trust others.

 - Change will always be opposed until the outcome is known and yet without the change there is no outcome.

 - Serious ‘abuses of human rights’ carried out by despicable individuals are deplorable as are the ‘abuses of human rights legislation’ carried out by certain members of the ‘legal ‘profession!

Interestingly those with high IQ’s  often appear to rate poorly in the CSQ department. This may be because a CS viewpoint is very often a simplistic one. People of high intellect can struggle with the concept that “Life’s not that complicated”. These individuals will talk of complexities, variations and statistics and worship an ancient god called Chi-squared. To firstly ‘investigate the obvious’ or ‘to see what is in front of ones face’, would be behaviours more likely attributed to those of significant CSQ. At this stage I will resist the temptation to discuss any possible relationship between high IQ’s and EQ’s ( Ego Quotients).

Whilst to a large degree IQ appears to be inherited CSQ in the main is not. CSQ is very much the ability to see the obvious.  e.g. “The king has no clothes on!” 
People of high CSQ also tend to be more humble and accepting of failure. They realise that any improvement will come from working on their failures rather than on their accomplishments. IQ appears to have a reliance on memory whilst the same can be a hindrance in the application of CS. The obvious can become lost amongst too much stored and recalled information.

Common sense  -  is then the application of a combination of basic principles, unbiased observation and logic, in the company of a constrained ego. 

To improve ones CSQ one needs 
  - an enquiring mind  
  - an active rather than suppressed conscience 
  - an appreciation of the obvious
  -  a good sense of humility!


The following has been formulated by the writer purely as an ‘example’ of what may in the future constitute a CSQ test . Select the correct number of options required for each question ( those statements you agree with) as this will become your score out of a possible 72 CSQ points. Should you make an incorrect selection in any question where there are more than one correct statements, you will forfeit all the points that would be awarded to that particular question.  If you make more than the allocated number of selections for that question again you will score 0 for that question.  Enjoy and any feedback would be most appreciated and can be directed to: *NOTE* results from participants will be included in future population analysis by the writer and although you are required to enter a student name (username) the results and usernames will remain completely confidential and will not be available to any third party.